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Handball Betting tips and predictions

VITIBET offers betting tips and predictions for today, tomorrow and the next few days. Select a match from the table below to see more in-depth game predictions and betting tips. If there aren't any upcoming betting tips, probably because the required number of league matches have not yet been played, then you may be still interested in our stats and trends anyway which might help you with betting.

We offer a match winner prediction for almost every match where there are enough matches played for our algorithm. The winner bet is a popular type of bet for many people who bet on the team they think will win the match.

Handball - betting tips for the exact result

Besides betting on the winners of the matches, betting on the exact result of the match score is also popular. That's why Vitibet also offers an exact result prediction for most of the matches, but you have to take these betting tips with a grain of salt. Our betting tips are based on a mathematical algorithm that predicts the results of future matches based on past sports results. This is tricky, of course, because the mathematical algorithm does not take into account other factors, from special motivation, to injuries of key players, and most importantly, it is still a statistic. However, Vitibet betting tips can serve as a good guide on which matches from the endless offer of bookmakers to further focus on and analyze them.

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score 1 0 2 tip
tip detail Spain Asobal
01.03 logo Ximenez Puente GenilCD Bidasoalogo 27 : 3035 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx9 %56 %2-5.9tip detail
tip detail France LNH
01.03 logo US Ivry HandballOC Cessonlogo 30 : 3142 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx10 %49 %2-2.0tip detail
01.03 logo US Créteil HandballDunkerque HBlogo 31 : 3243 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx10 %47 %2-1.2tip detail
01.03 logo HBC NantesDijon Bourgognelogo 36 : 2877 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6 %17 %116.9tip detail
01.03 logo Saran Loiret HandballPays d'Aix UClogo 30 : 3240 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx9 %51 %2-3.2tip detail
tip detail Sweden Elitserie
01.03 logo IF GuifIK Sävehoflogo 27 : 3130 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8 %62 %2-8.8tip detail
tip detail Germany Bundesliga
02.03 logo THW KielHBW Balingen-Weilstettenlogo 33 : 2768 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx7 %24 %112.3tip detail
02.03 logo VfL GummersbachSC Magdeburglogo 28 : 3328 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8 %64 %2-10.0tip detail
02.03 logo HSG WetzlarSG Flensburg/Handewittlogo 27 : 3229 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8 %64 %2-9.8tip detail
tip detail Spain Asobal
02.03 logo BM NavaBM Hueascalogo 31 : 3048 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx10 %42 %11.5tip detail
02.03 logo BM ValladolidBM. Torrelavegalogo 30 : 3143 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx10 %47 %2-1.1tip detail
02.03 logo BM. SinfinCiudad Encantadalogo 29 : 3042 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx10 %48 %2-1.8tip detail
tip detail France LNH
02.03 logo Limoges Hand 87Saint Raphael Varlogo 34 : 3349 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx9 %41 %12.3tip detail
tip detail Polen Superliga
02.03 logo Vive Targi KielceMMTS Kwidzynlogo 38 : 2487 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5 %8 %128.1tip detail
02.03 logo NMC Powen ZabrzeWisla Plocklogo 24 : 3217 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6 %77 %2-16.9tip detail
02.03 logo Wybrzeze GdanskPiotrkow Trybunalskilogo 30 : 2950 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx9 %41 %12.6tip detail
02.03 logo KPR LegionowoKS Gwardia Opolelogo 29 : 2947 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx10 %43 %11.0tip detail
tip detail Germany Bundesliga
03.03 logo Füchse BerlinHC Erlangenlogo 33 : 2574 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx7 %19 %115.3tip detail
03.03 logo SC DHfK LeipzigMT Melsungenlogo 30 : 2852 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx9 %39 %13.7tip detail
tip detail Spain Asobal
03.03 logo BM BenidormCB Puerto Saguntologo 32 : 2667 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx7 %25 %111.6tip detail
03.03 logo Naturhouse LogronoFC Barcelonalogo 26 : 379 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5 %86 %2-21.3tip detail
03.03 logo SCDR AnaitasunaCB Cangaslogo 31 : 2952 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx9 %39 %13.6tip detail
tip detail France LNH
03.03 logo Paris HandballToulouse UHlogo 37 : 2782 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6 %13 %119.2tip detail
03.03 logo Chambery HBChartres MHB 28logo 32 : 2958 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8 %34 %16.8tip detail
03.03 logo USAM NimesMontpellier HBlogo 29 : 3041 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx9 %50 %2-2.5tip detail
tip detail Sweden Elitserie
03.03 logo Alingsas HKIFK Skövde HKlogo 28 : 2844 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx10 %46 %2-0.4tip detail
03.03 logo IFK KristianstadHammarby Handbolllogo 30 : 2852 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx9 %39 %13.8tip detail
03.03 logo HK MalmöHIF Karlskronalogo 30 : 2563 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8 %29 %19.3tip detail
03.03 Amo HKLugi Handbolllogo 31 : 2759 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8 %33 %17.1tip detail
tip detail Polen Superliga
03.03 logo MKS Calisia KaliszSPR Tarnowlogo 29 : 2658 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8 %33 %17.0tip detail
tip detail Germany Bundesliga
04.03 logo Frisch Auf ! GöppingenTBV Lemgologo 30 : 2951 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx9 %40 %12.9tip detail
tip detail Sweden Elitserie
04.03 logo Önnereds HKHK Aranäslogo 30 : 2660 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8 %31 %18.1tip detail
04.03 logo IF Hallby HKIF Guiflogo 30 : 3047 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx10 %43 %11.0tip detail
tip detail Polen Superliga
04.03 logo Zaglebie LubinOstrovia Ostrow Wielkopolski27 : 3133 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8 %59 %2-7.1tip detail
04.03 logo Chrobry GlogowAzoty Pulawylogo 31 : 3145 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx10 %45 %02-0.2tip detail
tip detail Austria HLA League
19.03 logo SC FerlachHSG Grazlogo 28 : 2942 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx10 %48 %2-1.7tip detail
tip detail Switzerland Nationalliga
23.03 logo Wacker ThunTSV Otmar St. Gallenlogo 30 : 2562 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8 %30 %19.1tip detail
tip detail Austria HLA League
30.03 logo Alpla HC HardSparkasse Schwazlogo 29 : 2562 %xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8 %30 %18.8tip detail

Searching for betting tips

Betting tips are sorted by day. We do not offer exact match start times at this time. The betting tips and predictions are further sorted from the biggest and most important leagues to the less popular ones. In the left column of the menu, you can of course search for a specific league competition that you are interested in. At the end of each day, the matches for which we do not have a betting tip are listed.

Handball - best betting tips

To search for betting opportunities with a higher probability of success, you can use the following link, where the betting tips for the next week are sorted by the probability of success of the prediction.

Handball - free betting tips

We offer all our betting predictions for free. Our betting tips are the result of a mathematical algorithm and can be a good helper when betting on sports results. However, you cannot just follow them and consider them as a guarantee of success. Betting on sports results can be addictive, so if you bet, bet wisely and only the amount you can afford.

Our goal is to be informative, objective and reliable. But there is no guarantee that, even with the best advice available, you will become a successful punter. We ask you to bet responsibly and only on what you can afford.

Why I see by some matches instead of predictions or betting tips the question marks „?“ ?
It´s simple. Our algorithm need to be played at least 6 league games (at least 3 home games and at least 3 away games). If not, we can not give any prediction.
What is output of your predictions and betting tips?
The key output of our algorithm is INDEX. Our software calculates also the percentage probability of home team's victory, draw and visiting team's victory and recommends tip 1, 0, 2, 10 or 02. Unlike other betting sites we also provide the most probable final score of the matches.
How can be INDEX interpreted ?
INDEX can be interpreted as twice the amount of predicted goal diference between home and away goal scores. With the plus sign in favour of home team, with minus sign in favour of away team. E.g. INDEX -4,0 means that our software predicts win of the away team for 2 goals, INDEX +3,0 means that our software predicts win of the home team for 1,5 goals.
How is INDEX calculated ?
INDEX is based on two main components – current form and power of every team. Current form is calculated from last 6 played games. Power is calculated separately for home games and away games.
Why are your betting tips color differentiated ?
Color sorting serves to your quick orientation. Green color represents prediction of home win, red color away win, light green home win or draw and light red away win or draw.
Do you consider also the non-statistical elements as a players injuries, speciál motivation and so on ?
No, our predictions and betting tips are based solely on mathematical algorithm. It is just about statistics ! Sport can be unpredictable and there is no magic formula ether. In order to choose good bets you need knowledge, experience and an extensive understanding of the game. Our alghoritm can be only one of your guidelines and aids. The slightest change in events can change the direction of the game such as the weather, teams training, injury and player’s suspension can affect the odds.
Which other elements do I have to consider together with your predictions and betting tips ?
Many. For example - is there any of the teams good players injured or suspended ? Is there any good players back from suspension or injury ? Playing against ex-players or manager. Distances to travel, extent of travelling support. Need to win factor such as promotion, relegation, etc... Is it late season and the team close to the 1st positron, close to the cup positions, or close to relegation (which means they will fight for every point).
If you can help in translation of this FAQ in your native language used by our website and you´d like to help us with the translation process please send us your translation to admin @ Thank you very much !
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