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Vitibet´e hosgeldiniz
eng Ingiltere - Premier League
1. Chelsea London12102030 : 1132
2. Southampton FC1282224 : 626
3. Manchester City1273224 : 1324
4. Manchester United1254319 : 1519
5. Newcastle United1254314 : 1519
es Ispanya - La Liga
1. Real Madrid CF12100246 : 1130
2. FC Barcelona1291230 : 628
3. Atlético de Madrid1282223 : 1226
4. Valencia CF1273224 : 1124
5. Sevilla FC1272319 : 1623
de Almanya - Bundesliga
1. FC Bayern München1293031 : 330
2. VfL Wolfsburg1272324 : 1223
3. Borussia M.gladbach1255216 : 920
4. Bayer 04 Leverkusen1255220 : 1620
5. Hannover 961261510 : 1419
it Italya - Serie A
1. Juventus Torino12101128 : 431
2. AS Roma1291221 : 728
3. SSC Napoli1264223 : 1522
4. UC Sampdoria Genoa1256115 : 921
5. Genoa CFC1255216 : 1220
fr Fransa - Ligue 1
1. Olympique de Marseille15111332 : 1334
2. Paris Saint - Germain1486028 : 1030
3. Olympique Lyonnais1483327 : 1127
4. Girondins de Bordeaux1473421 : 1824
5. FC Nantes Atlantique1566313 : 1124
nl Hollanda - Eredivisie
1. PSV Eidhoven13101234 : 1031
2. Ajax Amsterdam1392232 : 1529
3. Feyenoord Rotterdam1373319 : 724
4. FC Twente ´651366125 : 1324
5. AZ Alkmaar1363420 : 2021
be Belçika - Jupiler League
1. Club Brugge KV1687137 : 1631
2. RSC Anderlecht Brussel1686226 : 1830
3. KAA Gent1785428 : 1729
4. Sporting Lokeren1676327 : 1827
5. KRC Genk1667321 : 1625
cz Cek Cumhuriyeti - Gambrinus liga
1. FC Viktoria Plzeň15112231 : 1135
2. AC Sparta Praha15111324 : 734
3. FK Jablonec 9715103229 : 1233
4. FK Mladá Boleslav1572619 : 1223
5. FC Baník Ostrava1664612 : 2022
pl Polonya - Ekstraklasa
1. Legia Warszawa16102434 : 1732
2. Wisla Krakow1785431 : 2129
3. Slask Wroclaw1684427 : 1928
4. Górnik Zabrze1684425 : 1828
5. Jagiellonia Bialystok1683528 : 2227
pt Portekiz - Primeira Liga
1. Vitória de Guimaraes1182122 : 926
2. SL Benfica Lisboa1081123 : 725
3. FC Porto1064019 : 522
4. CF OS Belenenses1062215 : 1120
5. SC de Braga1053215 : 718
1 0 2 tip
29.11Zalgiris VilniusFK Banga Gargždai82 %13 %5 %18.5
30.111Juventus TorinoFC Torino82 %13 %5 %17.7
29.11TrakaiDainava Alytus82 %13 %5 %17.6
01.121HNK RijekaNK Osijek82 %13 %5 %16.4
01.121FC MidtjyllandFC Vestsaelland81 %13 %5 %15.9
29.11Institute FCCrusaders Belfast5 %13 %81 %2-5.9
30.11Colo ColoCobreloa80 %14 %6 %15.7
30.114NSW RehdenWerder Bremen II6 %14 %80 %2-5.7
30.11FK Metalurg SkopjeFK Teteks Tetovo80 %14 %6 %15.7
30.11PAOK ThessalonikiPanthrakikos Komotini75 %16 %9 %15.2
 tahminleri World Cup Qualif.  EUROPA LEAGUE tahminleri EUROPA LEAGUE tahminleri EURO 2016 QUAL.
 Premier League tahminleri Premier League Championship tahminleri Championship tahminleri League One
 League Two tahminleri League Two Conference tahminleri Conference tahminleri Primera División
 Premier League tahminleri Premier League A-League tahminleri A-League tahminleri Jupiler League
 Tweede Klasse tahminleri Tweede Klasse Premier League tahminleri Premier League tahminleri Premier League
 PFG A tahminleri PFG A Serie A tahminleri Serie A tahminleri Campeonato Serie B
 Synot liga tahminleri Synot liga Druhá liga tahminleri Druhá liga tahminleri Super League
 Superliga tahminleri Superliga 1st Division tahminleri 1st Division tahminleri Serie A
 Meistriliiga tahminleri Meistriliiga Veikkausliiga tahminleri Veikkausliiga tahminleri Ykkonen
 Ligue 1 tahminleri Ligue 1 Ligue 2 tahminleri Ligue 2 tahminleri National
 Umaglesi Liga tahminleri Umaglesi Liga Primera Division tahminleri Primera Division tahminleri 1.HNL
 Druga HNL tahminleri Druga HNL Premier League tahminleri Premier League tahminleri Division 1
 Pepsideild tahminleri Pepsideild Serie A tahminleri Serie A tahminleri Serie B
 Ligat ha'Al tahminleri Ligat ha'Al J-League tahminleri J-League tahminleri Division 2
 Premier League tahminleri Premier League CSL tahminleri CSL tahminleri Premier League
 Primera A tahminleri Primera A K-League tahminleri K-League tahminleri First Division
 A Lyga tahminleri A Lyga Virsliga tahminleri Virsliga tahminleri OTP Bank Liga
 Prva Liga tahminleri Prva Liga Primera Division tahminleri Primera Division tahminleri Divizia Naţionala
 Bundesliga tahminleri Bundesliga 2. Bundesliga tahminleri 2. Bundesliga tahminleri 3. Bundesliga
 Regionalliga Nord tahminleri Regionalliga Nord Regionalliga Südwest tahminleri Regionalliga Südwest tahminleri Regionalliga West
 Regionalliga Bayern tahminleri Regionalliga Bayern Regionalliga Nordost tahminleri Regionalliga Nordost tahminleri Eredivisie
 Eerste Divisie tahminleri Eerste Divisie Tippeligaen tahminleri Tippeligaen tahminleri Division 1
 Torneo Clausura tahminleri Torneo Clausura Ekstraklasa tahminleri Ekstraklasa tahminleri 2.liga
 Portuguese Liga tahminleri Portuguese Liga Segunda Liga tahminleri Segunda Liga tahminleri Bundesliga
 Erste Liga tahminleri Erste Liga Liga 1 tahminleri Liga 1 tahminleri Premier laegue
 1. Division tahminleri 1. Division Superliga tahminleri Superliga tahminleri IFA Premiership
 S-League tahminleri S-League Premier League tahminleri Premier League tahminleri First Division
 Second Division tahminleri Second Division Third Division tahminleri Third Division tahminleri Fortuna liga
 Prva Liga tahminleri Prva Liga Primera Division tahminleri Primera Division tahminleri Segunda Division
 Super Liga tahminleri Super Liga Prva Liga tahminleri Prva Liga tahminleri Allsvenskan
 Superttan tahminleri Superttan Super League tahminleri Super League tahminleri Challenge League
 CLP-1 tahminleri CLP-1 SuperLiga tahminleri SuperLiga tahminleri Lig A
 Vyšja Liga tahminleri Vyšja Liga MLS tahminleri MLS tahminleri NASL
 Primera Division tahminleri Primera Division Primera Division tahminleri Primera Division tahminleri Premier League
Buz hokeyi
O2 extraliga tahminleri O2 extraliga1. liga tahminleri 1. liga tahminleri Oddset Ligaen
SM-liiga tahminleri SM-liigaMestis tahminleri Mestis tahminleri DEL Bundesliga
ASSTEL Bundesliga tahminleri ASSTEL BundesligaNHL tahminleri NHL tahminleri UPC Ligaen
Bundesliga tahminleri BundesligaKHL tahminleri KHL tahminleri Extraliga
Elitserien tahminleri ElitserienAllsvenskan tahminleri Allsvenskan tahminleri Nationalliga A
Nationalliga B tahminleri Nationalliga B
Mattoni NBL tahminleri Mattoni NBLLNB tahminleri LNB tahminleri Lega A Basket
BSL tahminleri BSLNBA tahminleri NBA tahminleri Bundesliga
Dominet Ekstraliga tahminleri Dominet EkstraligaBundesliga tahminleri Bundesliga tahminleri Esake
Extraliga tahminleri ExtraligaACB tahminleri ACB tahminleri TBL
WNBA tahminleri WNBA
Handboldligaen tahminleri HandboldligaenLNH tahminleri LNH tahminleri Bundesliga
Superliga tahminleri SuperligaHLA League tahminleri HLA League tahminleri Asobal
Elitserie tahminleri ElitserieNationalliga tahminleri Nationalliga
Why I see by some matches instead of predictions or betting tips the question marks „?“ ?
It´s simple. Our algorithm need to be played at least 6 league games (at least 3 home games and at least 3 away games). If not, we can not give any prediction.
What is output of your predictions and betting tips?
The key output of our algorithm is INDEX. Our software calculates also the percentage probability of home team's victory, draw and visiting team's victory and recommends tip 1, 0, 2, 10 or 02. Unlike other betting sites we also provide the most probable final score of the matches.
How can be INDEX interpreted ?
INDEX can be interpreted as twice the amount of predicted goal diference between home and away goal scores. With the plus sign in favour of home team, with minus sign in favour of away team. E.g. INDEX -4,0 means that our software predicts win of the away team for 2 goals, INDEX +3,0 means that our software predicts win of the home team for 1,5 goals.
How is INDEX calculated ?
INDEX is based on two main components – current form and power of every team. Current form is calculated from last 6 played games. Power is calculated separately for home games and away games.
Why are your betting tips color differentiated ?
Color sorting serves to your quick orientation. Green color represents prediction of home win, red color away win, light green home win or draw and light red away win or draw.
Do you consider also the non-statistical elements as a players injuries, speciál motivation and so on ?
No, our predictions and betting tips are based solely on mathematical algorithm. It is just about statistics ! Sport can be unpredictable and there is no magic formula ether. In order to choose good bets you need knowledge, experience and an extensive understanding of the game. Our alghoritm can be only one of your guidelines and aids. The slightest change in events can change the direction of the game such as the weather, teams training, injury and player’s suspension can affect the odds.
Which other elements do I have to consider together with your predictions and betting tips ?
Many. For example - is there any of the teams good players injured or suspended ? Is there any good players back from suspension or injury ? Playing against ex-players or manager. Distances to travel, extent of travelling support. Need to win factor such as promotion, relegation, etc... Is it late season and the team close to the 1st positron, close to the cup positions, or close to relegation (which means they will fight for every point).
If you can help in translation of this FAQ in your native language used by our website and you´d like to help us with the translation process please send us your translation to admin @ Thank you very much !